Monday, September 2, 2013

Derek Falls Trio

Pub l'Île Noire ― Montreal

What an unexpected turn of events! My two very good friends and I showed up at Pub l'Île Noire with the hopes of seeing Bharath and his Rhythm Four. But as time went by, it was obvious the band was not going to make it. The organizer were fortunate enough to find a replacement band to perform for us at the very last minute. Within an hour's notice, blues man Derek Falls shows up with a bass player and a drummer to perform two great sets of blues and saves the day!

This is the photo set of Derek Falls Trio (with Srikanth Narayanan on bass and Danick Tardif on drums). All pictures were shot with a Fujifilm X100s pro camera.

 Derek Falls, guitar and vocalls.

Derek Falls (Last Minute) Trio!

Danick Tardif, drums.

Srikanth Narayanan, bass.

Thanks to Derek for letting me shoot the band at Pub l'Île Noire. It was a real pleasure meeting you.

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