Thursday, January 10, 2013

Kashmir : A tribute to Led Zeppelin

with Be Astronaut (opening act)
Le Club Soda - Montreal

Tonight, I saw one of the best tributes to Led Zeppelin by the band Kashmir. The band was put up in Montreal in 2001 by guitarist Thierry Voisin, Bruno Sévigny (vocals), Martin Robert (bass, keyboards, mandoline) and Alain Lacaille (drums). It was the fourth time I've seen them perform. The guys were very much into it tonight. High energy, great music. Everything was set for the perfect evening. A real crowd pleaser.

This set was pretty much all shot with a Pentax K-5 mounted with a Pentax smc DA* 50-135mm f/2.8 lens. Here's the photo set of the concert.
The stage before the show.

This one was also shot before the show started. Believe it or not, there's no smoke in this picture. It's only the result of light, creating this smoky atmosphere.

Not Pagey's Orange amp... but let's say it is just for the purpose of coolness.

The guys of Kashmir getting set up before the show.

Gibson (Epiphone) EDS-1275 double neck with Theremin. I don't know but, doesn't that already smell like trouble fast approaching?

One of the best things about Le Club Soda, when set up in a « general admittance » fashion, is that you can pretty much shoot from anywhere you want and easily get good shots. It's the perfect size and configuration for shooting live bands. This picture was taken from the side balcony.

One more from the balcony.

Thierry Voisin (guitar). The resemblance with Jimmy Page is quite impressive.

This is one of my favorite pictures in this set. It's almost like a still coming straight out of the movie The Song Remains The Same.

Alain Lacaille (drums), Thierry Voisin, Bruno Sévigny (vocals).

Martin Robert on bass and Alain Lacaille on drums.

What a whole lotta... hair?

1973 or 2013?

Here are some pictures of the opening act, Be Astronaut.

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